Italian Learning Suite

The Italian Learning Suite is a language learning program that costs $119.95. It is a mid priced solution compared with some of the $300+ programs available, but much more comprehensive than a $30 Italian learning program.

This product is indeed a suite of software that has the aim of teaching you Italian by using five different programs. There are 4 software programs and an audio CD collection. The 4 software programs consist of Learn Italian Now, Italian Before You Know It and LinguaMatch.

Now, some people may have issues learning how to use 4 different software programs at once and this is a valid argument. You do have to move back and forth between each of the programs regularly but after some practice this is easier than it sounds and the learning curve is actually not that steep. That really is the only slightly negative comment I have about this suite as it’s a quality offering for the price.

The combination of video makes this a highly effective learning environment. Also the audio can be listened to virtually anywhere such as iPods and cell phones so you can learn on the go at anytime. The tracking features are very good in the Italian Learning Suite however they are not available in all programs. The main program has no tracking but this may be something that is implemented in future versions.

It is possible to customize your learning experience by selecting which programs you’d like to focus on. You will learn all the fundamentals of the Italian language throughout this entire package and the speech recognition capabilities are quite good. the Italian Learning Suite is easy to use and although can be a little time consuming with the switching of programs, the quality of the material more than makes up for it. At this low price, the Italian Learning Suite is well worth your investment and will result in you having a solid base of Italian speaking, reading and writing skills that you can build upon more in future.